What’s a “Kårval”?

Kårval is Swedish for “Student Union Election” and is the election in which all student union members can run for a seat in and vote for candidates in the student union parliament; our highest decision-making body. The members of the parliament have a two year long mandate.


The early voting will take place in the end of October. The final voting will be from 5th till the 6th of November 2019. When the voting booth opens a link will be published on this website.

How can I vote?

The voting procedure is online. You’ll need to log in using your ÅAU-credentials and then to further verify your identity you will be asked for your student number. After that you’ll be able to type in the number of the candidate you wish to cast your vote for.

How can I run?

If you wish to run as a candidate in the Student Union election you must either find an election list you approve of and get on that, or you form your own.

In order to form an election list you must download and fill in this form. The rules for filling out the form are printed on the form and must be followed. Further rules can be found in the election announcement.

In order to run as a candidate you need to fill in the form for candidate nomination. All candidate forms are to be collected by the ombudsman for the election list who is in charge of making sure the forms are delivered to the election committee before the deadline.

Deadline for candidate nomination and forming an election list is September 27th, 3.00 pm.

Please note: the administrative language of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University is Swedish – a comprehension of Swedish is necessary to function as a member of the Student Union parliament. Thus all forms for candidates and election lists are in Swedish only.

If you have any questions about the election, please contact the election coordinator at karval@studentkaren.fi.