The election associations are here!

20.9 was the deadline for forming election associations for the Student Union Council elections. Here are the election associations that have been formed and their ombud:

  • De Rättvisa DRV – Matias Martelin ( (IG: @drv_derattvisa)
  • FNT-Listan – Fredric Andergård ( (IG: @fntlistan)
  • Gemensamma Vasa – Oliver Back ( (IG: @gemensammavasa)
  • Liberala Studerande LSK – Anna Oksanen ( (IG: @utskottetlsk)
  • MK-Listan – Emelie Berglund ( (IG: @mklistan)
  • Åbo Gröna Vänster – Emma Andersson ( (IG: @abogronavanster)
  • Åbo-Vasa Socialdemokratiska Studerande ÅVSS – Jonatan Wikström ( (IG: @socialdemokratiskastuderande)

If you want to run as a candidate in the elections, it’s for one of these that you can run. Contact the association’s ombud for more information.